Kids summer crafts

Kids Crafts 

Summer holidays craft projects

So we are still looking for our premises to open our cafe, the right one will come when it’s meant to be! Until that time when we can bring you crafts face to face, we want to keep you inspired. We are going to do a series of kids craft projects to keep the kiddy winks busy during this very British summer (rain rain rain). So below is our first of the series, we hope you enjoy and please visit our social media to keep up to date.

Jackson Pollock Inspired Creations

You will need;

1 foil roasting tray

a selection of colours of poster paints or fabric paints

a marble

a sheet of A4 paper

a tote bag, tea towel or napkin




Step 1

You need to decide if you want to do a poster or a cloth item (tea towel, napkin etc). Then you need to take the foil tray place on a hard surface and place the item to fit int he bottom of the tray. If the paper is a little big you can trim with the scissors. If the napkin or tote is big you can fold to fit the bottom.

Step 2 

Take two to three colours of your chose an squirt blobs of paint, various sizes onto the piece of paper or fabric (use your fabric paints if using fabric). Then place the marble in the centre of item in the tray.

Step 3

Now careful hold the foil tray in two hands wither side and roll the marble around the tray. Kind of the same as them old maze games where you had to get the ball through the maze, so you had to tilt it to move it. Continue this rolling the ball through the blobs of paint until you have your own desired effect. The beautiful thing with this craft is that every piece will be different and individual.

Step 4

Once you have achieved your desired effect take out of the foil tray and hang on a washing line or lay flat somewhere it won\t be knocked to dry. If you decided to use fabric once the paint is dry you have to seal with a hot iron by using an old pillow case and ironic over the pattern. Once you do this it is machine washable.

We hope you have enjoyed our kids crafts today and if you do have a go please feel free to post pictures on social media of your creations tagging us in with @CraftManchester on twitter and @craftcafechorlton on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more kids craft projects and have a lovely summer

Stay Crafty xx


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