Half term fun

Craft Manchester – Half term fun 

Half Term Creativity 

So as you know by now we love to do all things creative. It has been half term and if your like me and trying to still do a million things at once whilst entertaining the kids, then your in luck. We are going to give you a few ideas. Then when the next holiday comes you are well prepared.

My stepson our eldest is nearly 14 so he is not so much with the arts and crafts these days, more the x-box and techno (and not the 90’s kind we were used to :-)) Dylan is my youngest (two is just enough for me) he is 6, he is very much like me and loves anything arts and crafty. His favourite to do is colouring and oh how he stays in them lines. It’s a very proud mum moment as I never remember staying in the lines. He likes to paint also, which brings me to one of our crafty projects, which we will be offering at Craft Manchester when we open.

Pot Painting Project

What you will need;

  • 1 paint brush
  • a cup of water
  • a selection of acrylic paints
  • a paint pot divider or a paper plates would work just as well
  • a clear varnish
  • a pot bisque item of your chose * you can get these from most hobby craft shops, a local one is The Make it shop, Chorlton and we will be selling them at Craft Manchester.
  • a plastic table cloth or some newspaper

Step 1 – Setting up 

Place your plastic table cloth or newspaper over the table. Then take you paint and squirt out your colour selection into the palate compartments or onto an individual plate (this will help them form being tempted to mix the colours). Have a cup of water for cleaning the brush in-between applications. Place your chosen bisque (pot) onto the newspaper.

Step 2 – The fun part

Now you are ready to go, whilst helping your little one. Dip your brush and paint your object. You can let them be as creative as they wish (a blue pig with yellow spots) or guide them to the correct colours. As Dylan is a little older, he had an idea of what a toad stool looked like, so knew the colours, although he was a little imaginative with the underside of the stool. It took us several attempts to make a light brown and it kind of came out like a browny green. I think this is where the fun lies as it helps them to imagine colours themselves and how to create them. Once you have painted your object let it dry throughly, we left ours a few hours in a warm house.


Step 3 – Finishing off

Once your objects (ours our mushrooms, my obsession) are dry, you then take a clean brush and coat it with a layer of the clear varnish. This seals the acrylic paint and allows it to be water resistant so it can go in the garden. Where our mushrooms will have pride of place on our decking. Allow time for drying before moving and I would strongly advise you do the varnishing part as the fumes could be a little strong for little noses.


We hope this has given you some inspiration for the next school holiday and seen as though the next one is Easter why not try this method with a bisque bunny or egg.

We are holding a free craft project day at Chorlton Library on Saturday 18th March so why not bring your little ones and give a project ago. There will be free tea/coffee and cake and a chance to find out what we will be. Our customers are our inspiration.

Stay Crafty x

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