Decopatch – Craft Project 1

Decopatch – Craft Project 1

Decopatch the inspiration

Decopatch or Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured or patterned paper cutouts onto it in combination with special glue and varnish mix, gold leaf and other decorative elements. Commonly, an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cutouts from magazines or from purpose-manufactured papers.

We are going to do a Decopatch upcycling project today. At Craft we like to be environmentally friendly where we can, so we absolutely love upcycling projects. We are going to create a lovely handmade pen pot for your office desk, or if you wanted it, a small vase for your window ledge. All you will need for this project is:

  • A small flat paint brush
  • A sheet of your chosen decopatch paper. (you can buy the branded or non branded deco patch papers here or here any patterned tissue papers will work)
  • A Decopatch glue your can get these here or any online or shop retailer (if you don’t have this you can use a PVA watered down slightly)
  • A stronger glue (see instructions)
  • A recycled glass jar of your chose.
  • Scissors
  • Some decorative ribbon

Step 1

Okay we start by taking your piece of decopatch/tissue paper and either tearing it or cutting it into small pieces. Then you take your paint brush and dip it into the glue and spread a thin layer over a section of the glass jar. Then you take a piece of the tissue paper and layer it onto the glued section. Then dip your brush back into the glue, wiping any excess off. Then glue over the piece of decopatch/tissue paper till it is completely covered and any air bubbles are pressed out.

Tip; On some jars there is the logo or name in the glass, around these it is difficult to get a smooth finish on the paper. I find that using my fingers for this gives you a better contact with the paper. Press gently with your finger to mould the paper to the raised surface. 

Step 2

Okay now you have the hang of it, continue with the rest of the pieces of paper until the jar is completely covered. On every piece added make sure the air bubbles are pushed out and it is as smooth as possible. Now let it dry! It may take a few hours to dry naturally but if your like me and impatient you can pop it on your radiator or on the window sill in the sun, to help it along.

Step 3

Now that the jar is completely dry you can see what you have achieved. I would check over it as sometimes when the paper is wet with he glue, you can miss a few bits leaving glass on show. You can go over these bits now completing the jar. Again let this dry then we can finish it off.

Step 4

Now your jar is nice and dry you will have noticed that it is difficult to get the paper perfectly over the top rim, where the lid goes. This is where your ribbon comes in. Take the chosen ribbon and wrap around the top lip of the jar till it meets the starting point. Cut it along this edge so you have the perfect sized piece to fit the top of the jar. Now with a stronger glue, I used E-600 or a supper glue if you don’t have this to hand, squash a bit out onto the underside of the ribbon. Now stick it to a start point on the jar at the top. Once the glue is dry safely and slightly pulling to get a nice finish, pull the ribbon round the jar. Then placing a blob of glue at the end on the underside of the ribbon, push it down to meet the start piece. Now let it dry.


Now you should have your finished hand made, decopatch upcycled pen pot or vase. See image below of my finished jar.

I hope this has been a fun, creative and helpful project for you. We look forward to sharing our next craft project with you, so watch this space for further projects.

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Stay Crafty xx

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