Craft Introduction

Craft – Who are we?

Craft is the concept of two people, myself Nina Chesworth and my mum Yvonne Aldcroft. We wanted to bring a new angle to arts and crafts to Chorlton, Manchester.

Well, I am Nina Chesworth I have a Degree in Art and Design and am also registered blind. What, how is that possible I hear you say? Well, let me tell you how. I have some vision in one eye, I haven’t always just had sight in one eye, after an accident in 2009 I lost my right eye but I have had an eye condition all my life. With this, even though I have had set backs I have never let it define me. I have had a love for art and design since being a teenager. Following a really difficult period and trying to get back into my passion for living, but not feeling very confident at all, my auntie suggested a craft course – something simple to start with. The rest is history! I fell completely for the diversity that crafts can offer. I also think that just because you have a disability it doesn’t mean you cannot achieve your dreams.

With creating some of my own pieces and reaching into different arts and craft areas I have never been 100% satisfied with just doing my own thing. I wanted to share arts and crafts with the world and the disabled world alike. Creativity has helped me through some of the hardest moments in my life. I started volunteering at Henshaws running their arts and craft group in Manchester. This made me feel so useful and inspirational. With this, I thought I can do more and not just struggle myself. That is when my mum Yvonne, suggested I set up a workshop of my own. With this in mind and the fact that I always dreamed of opening a cafe bar, Craft Manchester Ltd was born. We want this to be somewhere that the locals can come with their friends and families to enjoy and learn new crafting methods. We want to provide people with the opportunity to create and be inspired that had helped me so much with my own confidence and skills. Somewhere to meet new people, old friends and create great memories.

The concept has become reality. I have some amazing local crafters who are going to share their passions with you. We are still looking for the perfect premises to provide this great service from one central hub. They say the building chooses you, well I have looked at a few but not found the perfect destination. It has to be right not just for me but for you the customer, the creator. One building I am looking at needs some arts and craft magic but has so much potential. It is the perfect location for a creative community hub in Chorlton. So watch this space and get ready to be create.

Goodbye for now

Stay crafty

Nina xx

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