Craft visits the Stiches, Sewing and hobbycraft show at Eventcity

Craft visits the Stiches, Sewing and hobbycraft show at Eventcity

Stiches, sewing and hobbycraft show – Eventcity Manchester

Well as we are all things creative, we thought we would pop down to Eventcity in Trafford to check out what crafty, inspirational items we can get our hands on. The Stitches, Sewing and Hobbycraft show is an event that is held twice a year at Eventcity in Trafford park. They host a number of creative companies, small independent to large corporate companies. They bring you a range of sewing and hobby craft items for both the hobbyist and the trader. I have attended many of these over the years. They are a great place to get advise, inspiration and supplies at a good price.

In this blog we are going to look at a few of the fabulous stalls that we visited to get a refreshing look at their great selection of products.

Southhampton Beads

This is one of my personal favourites, they are a jewellery making product provider. They supply everything from jewellery findings, swarovski beads, beads, jewellery making kits to beading threading and wire. They have a fabulous range and at a reasonable price. They attend most craft fairs, they have a shop in Southhampton and they have an online shop. This is making it easy for you to order no matter where you are. If you purchase something at the fair and run out you can get more. This is a great service. The staff are so friendly to and the same man is at every craft fair. It is such a friendly company. Why not visit them at their next craft fair appearance or check out their website here.


Every Crafts a Pound

These are another staple exhibitor at most hobbycraft and stitches fairs. I have attended fairs from the NEC Birmingham annual show and the christmas crafts and the one we visited at Eventcity. They have many different craft items all for £1 or 12 items for £10. This is a great bargain but they always have different times so if you don’t get them then, you are likely to miss out. They do have a good selection so you can start a craft projects at a low cost if it’s your first go. They do have a website to where you can order online. Check this out here.

This is another favourite of mine. I would say this was my favourite craft, as with having a sight problem I find it easy to do. You don’t have to be overly neat with decopatch and as long as you don’t mind getting your fingers a little messy. The idea is that you rip or cut the tissue paper into small pieces and then glue to your chosen item. Some of the items are models of animals or objects so you have to glue into corners and shapes. This means that you can be a lot more flexible with your pieces. Once it is dry you can tidy it up on the edges and any pieces you may have missed. (I find that happens a bit with me as its hard to see when it is wet, but it is fun and flexible). is a great provider of decopatch items from papers to mdf objects to paper mach objects. You can pretty much decopatch any surface, glass, wood, plastic are just some of these materials. At the show here they done a decopatch workshop where you could choose an item, papers and create and take home with you a finish piece. This is a great way of trying out the craft before buying. If you attend any fairs I highly recommend this as it can be quite expensive when you get carried away with inspiration then find once your home, you dislike or can’t do the craft you purchased. I have learnt this from experience.


At the shows there are always a great collection of crafters, suppliers and workshops. You can just have a walk around to see what is available and whats new or you can have a look at the many demonstrations that the crafters and craft suppliers put on to give you an idea of what the products are and do. They always have cafe facilities to get a coffee and a cheeky slice of cake. I would suggest bringing a packed lunch as the options are not great and it can be a little pricey.

The hobbycraft and stitches fairs are a fun, creative and inspirational experience. Anyone from the avid crafter to the devoted crafter can take something from these fairs. If you are here to find a new craft to try or to start crafting or to get supplies for a craft you have been doing for years and has become apart of you, there is something for everyone.

Take care and stay crafty xx

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