Craft Project 3 – Weaving with Sticks

Craft project 3

Weaving with SticksĀ 

After visiting the Stitches and Hobbycraft fair at the Event City in Trafford, Manchester I found a fabulous little stall. They produce kits and products to create amazing weaving projects. You can see there work and products on there website here. I loved it so much and after watching a little girl have a go at the stall and she made it look so easy I thought why not! I purchased one of their small kits and went for it when i go home.

I found it so simply yet very satisfying and was over the moon with my end result. I wanted to bring it to you. We have also decided (after having so much fun) that we are going to stock these kits in our Craft Manchester cafe. Helping and hoping you will come down and grab a great craft project.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here is my project to give you an idea na some instruction on the kits for when you try yours.

What you will need;

  • Scissors
  • needle and cotton thread (I used invisible thread as I am not the neatest sewer)
  • your weaving sticks kit
  • any colour thickness of yarn you desire.
  • buttons
  • gems (if you want to bling up your bracelet)

Step 1

Open up your kit, in it you should have your instruction booklet, yarn and three weaving sticks. The sticks should all have a little loop on the bottoms. Start by cutting 3 lengths of yarn around 50-60cm. Then take each one and thread it through the loop of each stick and pull till they are level and meet at the bottom.

Step 2

Take the rest of the yarn at the end piece and tie it to one of the sticks, leaving a tail (which will be cut of later). I like to double knot to make sure its secure. Then we start the weaving process under, over, under, then back the other way over under over. Repeat this method pushing down your weave onto the yarn strips. Continue this to your desired length. Make sure you pull the yarn tight as you weave.

Step 3

Once you have your desired length and it is all pushed tightly onto the yarn strips leaving an even length of yarn either side of the piece. You can now cut the yarn from the loops on the sticks being careful not to cut the loops. Now you should have 6 strands, or tails as I like to say. tie the middle two together, double knotting. Repeat this with the outer two. This secures your weaving.

Step 4

Take the 6 tails and twist two together to make three tails. Then plate the tails into a braid to the bottom. Do this on both sides. Then take one of the plats and create a loop. Take you needle and thread and sew the end of the loop to the base of the plat. This will secure a loop for the button to go through. Then on the other side roll the plat up and sew to the base of the weave then take a button of your choice and size and sew it to the base/ball of the plat. This secures the button to the base of the weave. At this point you could sew any beads or crystal to the main section of the weave to bling it up a little or like mine make the button the focal point.

We hope you enjoyed this craft project and you can purchase the weave with sticks kit from Craft Manchester. We stock the bracelet, flower, scarf and bag kits. Also coming up to christmas you can get glitter yarn online here and use the kits to create your very own tinsel for a hand made christmas.

Stay Crafty xx

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