Fun things to do in Chorlton

The creative side to our Chorlton Cafe is the craft ‘Make it, Take it’ range and our craft workshops.

The Make it, Take it! range is two staple craft activities we have in the cafe to make while you relax, get creative and enjoy some refreshments, you then get to take your wonderful creation home!

The workshops are a series of private workshops with a local established crafter, who is there to share their passion and knowledge with you. Always dreamed of learning arts and craft? Get in touch with Craft Manchester to find out what workshops we’ll be hosting.


Tuesday – Friday  9am – 6pm

Saturday  10am – 6pm

Sunday  10am – 4pm

Craft Manchester in Chorlton




Do you have any questions?

We’re in the process of finding a premises in Chrolton, but we hope to be open soon. If you have any questions or suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

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