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Getting creative

The creative side to our Chorlton Cafe is the craft ‘Make it, Take it’ range and our craft workshops.

The Make it, Take it! range is two staple craft activities we have in the cafe to make while you relax, get creative and enjoy some refreshments, you then get to take your wonderful creation home!

The workshops are a series of private workshops with a local established crafter, who is there to share their passion and knowledge with you. Always dreamed of learning arts and craft? Get in touch with Craft Manchester to find out what workshops we’ll be hosting.

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Arts and Crafts in Chorlton
Learn to draw in Chorlton
fun craft activities for kids in chorlton



Locally sourced & freshly prepared food and drink in Chorlton

In our Chorlton cafe we serve a fabulous range of hot and cold drinks. Our menu will feature a few cheeky craft beers and wines and it will be a simple but brilliant locally sourced culinary excellence.

For those health conscious people, there are healthy and considerably delicious meals and snacks, but we’ll also feature some naughty treats for the big and little ones among us!

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healthy salads in chorlton
fresh and locally sourced produced in chorlton
delicious local food in chorlton

A place in Chorlton to hire and get creative…

We have space to hire from 7-9pm. This could be for yoga classes, book clubs, food clubs, just email us for enquiries.

We also offer a party service. This will include children’s and adult parties. From kids birthday craft creations to imaginative hen parties and inspired baby showers.

For any queries email us or to keep up to date with the cafe sign up to our newsletter.

Ready to find out more?

If you’re interested in hiring the Craft Cafe in Chorlton then please send us an email by clicking on the bottom below or emailing

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About Chorlton’s Craft Café

Hi there, here at Craft Manchester we aim to create a fantastic welcoming and creative space for you to come and create your own masterpiece.

We want you to come in and get lost in your own little creative world. If it is with the family, friends or you just want to come and lose yourself, then we’re here for the community to help achieve this.

We intend to prepare all food through locally sourced produce and stock to keep everything as local as we can. We are currently seeking out premises and hope to open in the not too distant future. To keep up-to-date with this exciting new Chorlton cafe why not sign up to our newsletter, make friends with us on social media and keep an eye on our blog.

Wednesday – Saturday  10am – 5pm
Sunday  11am – 5pm

We’d love to hear from you…

If you’ve got questions, suggestions or would like to get in touch, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Do you have questions?

We’d love to hear what you think of Craft Manchester and any ideas that you think would benefit Chorlton and the community, so please click the button to send us an email.

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